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For Managers

With the flexible architecture of Vertilinc Live! here some of the many features that property management companies, managers and staff can take advantage of:

What Property Managers are saying about Vertilinc

"The Vertilinc back office software has been immensely helpful in keeping track of a large variety of inbound packages, resident and staff keys, and contractor arrivals. I also really enjoy the Message Board feature where I can showcase our upcoming community events (with pictures) and broadcast other important news to our residents".

Jamie Cooperstein

Senior Concierge

The Residences at Two Liberty

"With Vertilinc we have been able to reduce more than half of our paperwork as we have centralized access to our resident's information and we can store documents electronically in their profile".

Michelle Smith

Property Manager

"As one of the largest property management companies in Florida with over 400 communities and high-rises, we were looking for a partner that could support the diverse requirements of our associations while providing a unified platform to help simplify our corporate administrative tasks as well as our staff training. We needed a flexible, scalable system that could handle both condominiums and communities, and one that we could customize for our unique needs and those of our customers. Unified Technology Group implemented for us an MMI-branded platform that provides our customers with one simple interface for all aspects of their community or condominium, including account balances and payment history, while our area supervisors can track all aspects of our communities".

Guillermo Bello-Cancio


Miami Management, Inc.

"We needed a system that supported not only the level of service that our residents have come to expect at our property, but also to support the number of packages, guests, valet requests and service requests that we process on a daily basis. Through Vertilinc our residents have the convenience of requesting their car from Valet or pre-authorizing their guests right on their mobile phone, while as management we have the reports and information we need to anticipate service demands. With their recent integration to our gate access system, we can activate and deactivate users with one simple click helping us manage the building more quickly and efficiently".

Lisbeth M. Bustin

General Manager

900 Biscayne Bay Condominium Association