We are Offline!

No, we did not forget to pay our utilities bill, our distributed datacenters are humming along. But we understand that sometimes the Internet is not as "online" as we'd like it to be. While most other management platforms depend completely on the Internet to function, we do find it inconvenient that when the Internet goes down they can't even tell you who lives in the property. Managers that used to rely on other systems in the past would tell us that they had to periodically print resident and permanent visitor rosters in case their network would go down unexpectedly. How "green" is that? At UTG we feel that green must be present in all aspects of our system, even when the network light is not green. With our proprietary technology, our system recognizes when the network is unavailable and will automatically switch you to Offline Mode where you have immediate access to your residents, tenants, visitors, packages, vehicles, etc. And as soon as the network is available again, VertilincLive will switch you back automatically!.