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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Who is UTG?

Unified Technology Group is a leading provider of technology and software solutions for developers, condominiums, homeowner associations and property managers in the US and the Caribbean. Based in Miami, Florida, Unified Technology Group has been providing state-of-the-art systems to over 100,000 residents worldwide. Vertilinc Property Management Software, its flagship product, allows property managers to quickly and conveniently manage all aspects of a property including: resident information, FOBs and access control, visitors, contractors, packages, RFID tags, resident ID cards, clubhouse check-in, and many more. Vertilinc seamlessly integrates with FOB/RFID management platforms, accounting systems, vehicle tracking systems, and even official county records providing one conveniently centralized platform that minimizes double-entry errors and maintains consistency of the data across all systems. Managers, residents and board members can take advantage of many Vertilinc features right from their mobile phones for added convenience while on the road or while around the property. Vertilinc Property Management software brings convenience, integration, mobility, reliability, and lifestyle features to communities and condominium associations.

Q- What is VertilincLive?

VertilincLive® is our building integration platform that is an automated control and information system designed for luxury high-rise Condominiums, Hotels and Residential neighborhoods looking to integrate Building/Community administration, access control platforms, online payments, property amenities and maintenance services under a unified intelligent platform through a user-friendly, intuitive, graphical interface. Through this platform users can take advantage of all services offered at their property through a centralized console in the comfort of their office, apartment, or on the go!

Q- How can residents access Vertilinc Live?

The versatility and flexible design allows resiodents to access VertilincLive through any number of devices. VertilincLive can be accessed through any PC or MAc with a browser, any smartphone, and the leading home automation platforms such as Control 4 and Crestron.

Q- What is VertilincLive's pricing?

VertilincLive is priced to serve the needs of your community. You pay for what you use when you use it. We understand that one size does not fit all so if you are looking for a package tracking system then you shouldn't be forced to pay for other components not needed at your property. We offer simple, month-to-month pricing to fit your property's budget. Call us at 1-855-VERTILINC to find how inexpensive it is to implement VertilincLive in your property.

Q- Does VertilincLive integrate to my accounting platform?

VertilincLive provides powerful integration capabilities with leading accounting packages such as Jenark PMS by CoreLogic, Skyline, Sage Accounting, and others. Contact us for the latest list as we are always adding new integrated partners.

Q- Does VertilincLive integrate to access control platforms?

Yes. VertilincLive's unique client server architecture allows for the most powerful integration capabilities in the market. When integrated to access control systems, managers can easily setup vehicle transponders, FOBs and access ID Cards directly from within the platform, minimizing data entry errors and saving valuable staff time. We can easily integrate to any access control platforms with a standard Wiegand interface, which allos properties to keep their existing panels, FOBs and readers.

Q- How do I become a UTG dealer?

At UTG we want to invite established systems integrators and home automation specialists with commercial experience to become a UTG dealer and have access to our dealer materials, demo software, and all of our different solutions for the real estate development market as well as existing condominiums and homeowner's associations.

Q- Does VertilincLive work internationally?

VertilincLive was designed to support multiple languages as well as measuring systems. We currently have our system in English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, and our flexibl architecture allows for expansion into arabic and asian languages.

Q- Can I test drive VertilincLive?

Since our pricing is month-to-month you can start using VertilincLive and test drive all its features without any long term commitments. We are confident that after testing all its capabilities you'll join our growing community of over 500 properties and a quarter million residences enjoying the benefits of VertilincLive.

Q- Where do I get a Demo?

Once you become an authorized UTG dealer you will be given access to our demo systems for condominiums, hotels, and residential communities. Alternatively, System Integrators can send us an approved touchpanel and we'll load our demo on there, or you can buy one from us already loaded.

Q- How quickly can VertilincLive be setup in my community?

Through our rapid deployment methodology we can have your condominium or community setup within a matter of hours! Simply send us your resident/tenant roster and we do all the work for your property. From setting up users to facility reservations and preventive maintenance schedules, our deployment team takes care of everything so managers can focus on providing the best service to their residents.

Q- What kind of support does UTG have?

Aside from our 24/7 technical support staff, we have partnered with several leading regional technology companies that help us in providing on-site support. Our platform comes with a built-in remote connection and diagnosing software to assist support staff in isolating any issues and getting our customers back to work quickly and efficiently.

Q- What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us at (855) VERTILINC