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For Developers


Interactive Sales Technologies

The Ultimate Customer Experience

Live!Sales is an intuitive interactive easy-to-use way to show your...

The presentations can be developed for a small plasma/LCD screen or for multiple screens to deliver a life-sized experience. The user can then touch the screen to go through the presentation or a handheld device can be used to control the visual experience and put your customer in control. In addition, complete interaction with sound and lighting scenes can be integrated into the presentation to deliver a totally immersive experience for your customers showcasing the competitive advantages of your project.

Sales center technology

Our commitment to the success of your project starts when prospective homebuyers enter your sales center. Through the use of our technologies and systems integration expertise, we are able to deliver an unpa-ralleled customer experience for your clients.

Our sales center technologies include:

Here is what developers have said about our technologies

"The technology is really cutting edge and the customer service couldn't have been any better. We worked on this together and accomplished an excellent Sales presentation that really blew everyone away. It is amazing how it simplifies things for our sales agents as well as our buyers. Right now all the agent has to do is to guide the prospective buyer through our touch panel presentation and show them all aspects of the project. The prospect can now look at floor plans, amenities or even individual residence views all in one clean easy-to-use presentation."

Moe Charif

CABI Developers

We had our first Broker event consisting of approximately 125 realtors / brokers various at the Grand Opening of our sales office and community and it was a big hit. The touch screen technology aspect stole the show. We heard several positive comments such as: "This is so user friendly..." or "Wow, how cool is this... look how easy it is to compare different styles." Our community representatives have embraced this technology to make what was a seamless presentation process even more compelling. Prospective home buyers are also finding it fun, informative, interactive and easy to use. This technology will be key factor for our communities' sales growth as we are still months away from completing actual models. On a side note, the aspects that most excites me, is the ability to be able to update our presentations within a continuous 15 min. timeframe. Great Job and thank you for developing such a great and uniquely compelling concept for today's real estate market.

John Norkeliunas,

Sales Director

Artesia, Naples

What is Vertilinc Live!

Vertilinc Live! is an automated control and information system designed for commercial buildings, condominiums, and residential neighborhoods looking to integrate administration and common services under a unified intelligent platform through a user-friendly, intuitive, graphical interface. Through this platform users can take advantage of all services offered at their facilities through internal or external service providers via a centralized console in the comfort of their office, apartment, or bedroom.

Vertilinc Live! can be a standalone product that can be conveniently accessed via a web interface, via a mobile phone, via a web tablet, or even via facebook! This allows for unit residents to access all of the features available in the unit panels from their office or from anywhere in the world. Users can reserve tennis courts, order cleaning services, request concierge services, and receive instant building communications in their own personalized information portal.

Alternatively, Vertilinc Live! can reside inside an smart home controller. In this configuration, a complete interaction between building events and the home can be achieved. For instance, once Vertilinc Live! recognizes that a unit owner's car has entered the parking lot, the Crestron® home controller can be set to "home" mode where the A/C turns on, entry lights are turned on an even ambiance music is set throughout the home.

Create a Unique Experience for Prospective Buyers

The kind of whole-house integration available through Vertilinc Live! and Crestron® adds a whole new level of interaction in sales centers where prospective buyers can experience the lifestyle being implemented in your property as a developer.

Your buyers can begin interacting with their homes from the moment they enter your sales center immediately differentiating your project with award-winning technology. In 2009 we implemented Charters in one of the UK's most desirable residential areas, close to the village of Sunninghill in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Our authorized dealer Smartcomm UK was recognized by CEDIA with the "2009 Best Multi-Dwelling Unit Installation Award". Smartcomm's MD, Steven Worrell said "We are enormously proud of this award from CEDIA as this was an extremely challenging project for our design and installation team. This is the first time that such an integrated solution for a multi- dwelling project has been undertaken in the UK and as such our relationships with our suppliers and in particular Crestron was very important. The end result is a fantastic development that integrates a myriad of the latest technologies together as one seamless solution." The CEDIA UK website states "The luxurious attention to detail extends to the ultimate in personal service - a ground-breaking concierge system featuring Crestron technology. Performing the tasks a butler might, but in a fully automated way, the system integrates a resident's administration, amenity and maintenance services through a stylish Crestron touchpanel. Residents can reserve a table at a restaurant, order a takeaway, request a car from the valet or even organise for maintenance services to be carried out."

Make sure you include award-winning technology in your next project.

Vertilinc in Numbers:

Number of packages lost when using Vertilinc: 0

Most packages processed in a month: 2942

Most packages processed in a day: 125

Most visitors processed in a property in a month: 6,799

Most visitors processed in a day: 264

Most cars checked in a day: 628

Most cars checked in a month: need a big calculator for this one

Most valet requests in a month: 415

Average in-room dining order: $21*

Average paper savings per property, per year: 77 reams

Average trees saved per property, per year: 46 trees/year

* (excluding delivery charges and taxes)